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Understanding Google’s 2020 Core Updates and How They Affect Your Website

Google rolled out two sets of Core Updates in 2020 – one in January and one in May. While Google never comes out and exactly says how they are changing their algorithms, they do announce how their changes intend to improve user interaction with their search platform. Learn more about how these changes affect your website and how it performs in Google search results.

Introducing Ocreative’s New Website

A Refreshing Twist for 2020: Introducing Ocreative’s New Website If you’ve perused our marketing insights articles, you’ve probably noticed we talk a lot about the importance of [...]

Revisiting the Need to Advertise During a Recession: A Current Market Analysis

We’ve noticed a lot more traffic to our two blogs: When times are good you should advertise, when times are bad you MUST advertise and Market your business through the recession over the last couple of weeks. This is definitely understandable given the recent market shift. We took some time to revisit these blogs and provide you with updated information and analysis on effectively marketing through a recession.

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