At Ocreative, we believe that implementing creative health habits into our daily life encompasses innovative and unconventional approaches to maintaining and improving our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As we celebrate Ocreative’s 20th anniversary, we are excited to share 20 of our creative habits that have been instrumental in maintaining our well-being, both in our work and personal lives. These habits are what keeps us healthy:


As I am still learning to embrace failure, it has been an integral part of my growth in my personal and creative journey. Whenever I encounter setbacks or disappointments, I will always remind myself that failure is not the end but rather a steppingstone to growth and innovation. In my creative pursuits, whether it’s writing, crafting, or any other artistic endeavor, I’ve learned that each failure actually teaches me something valuable. It’s like a puzzle piece that didn’t fit initially but eventually reveals a new perspective or approach. Because of these failures, it has pushed me to experiment fearlessly, push boundaries, and refine my creative process to do better the next time around. So never be afraid to fail because it’s what makes you stronger.

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I used to be hesitant about receiving feedback, fearing that it would undermine my work. However, I’ve come to realize that feedback is an invaluable tool for growth. Whether it’s constructive criticism or praise, every perspective offers me a chance to refine my creative vision. In my personal life, staying open to feedback has deepened my relationships, fostering open communication and understanding. Creatively, it has allowed me to see my work from different angles, inspiring new ideas and improvements. I know that it isn’t always easy to hear feedback, but I am all about embracing the opportunity to learn and evolve.

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Practicing gratitude has been a game-changer in my life. As I take a moment each day to reflect on the things, I’m grateful for, it has not only brought a sense of peace and contentment, but it’s also fueled my creativity in unexpected ways. When I express gratitude for the little things – a beautiful sunrise, a kind gesture from a friend, or a delicious meal – it opens my mind to new possibilities and ideas. To me, it’s like a mental reset button that allows me to approach my creative endeavors with fresh eyes and a more positive outlook. Gratitude has taught me to find joy in the present moment because when you are mentally and physically healthy, you can create such beautiful things.

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Starting a project can be daunting, especially if you’re looking at a blank page/artboard. Filling the page with loose, messy sketches, words, and/or images can help to get ideas flowing in a low-pressure environment. Slowly filling that white space, knowing that none of it has to be good loosens up your creative muscles and allows the ideas to flow freely in a judgment-free zone. Often some of my best ideas come from the messiest of sketches.


Now I’m not saying trash everything you have, but it can be helpful when you’re feeling iffy about a project to go back to your earlier stages of the process and reconnect with your original ideation. Sometimes your early sketches or brainstorming sessions can give you more insight and clarity on the project and remind you of its original roots.


I constantly seek out opportunities to expand my current knowledge and learn something new. From new technology like AI to new concepts or approaches, I continue to hone what I already know while filing away new thoughts and ideas I come across. We live in an ever-changing world and I know that standing still is the fastest way to be left behind!

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Whether in fashion, interior design, or graphic art, I feel rejuvenated by exploring images that convey compelling color stories. The process of diving into the message and meaning of color helps to fuel my creativity. I learn from the fresh visual stories color shapes, the emotions color generates, and even the memories and fresh ideas that a color can stir.


Sometimes taking the pressure off of your creative output is just what you need to flourish. Whether you use your creativity for your career, or side hustle, or you just have big creative goals, I think making space to create for no reason, for no specific outcome, can unlock new paths to explore.


Stepping outside what you think your creative niche is can help invigorate that sense that anything is possible. There’s a level of excitement and wonder that comes with learning something new. Your mind wanders with all the possibilities. If you tend to hyper-focus on one specific medium, maybe trying something completely new will teach you lessons or inspire new ideas that you can take back to your regular creative practice.

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I think one of the greatest ways to be inspired and to encourage creative growth is by stepping out of your regular, everyday life and enjoying new experiences. Yes, this can cover big international travel, but it also means taking a day to explore my city – planning a staycation so I can get to know my community. Through travel, we get to see the lives of ordinary people in new ways and it’s inspiring.

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As a copywriter, you’re taught that the best thing you can do to improve your writing is to read. And there are no rules here – this can be your favorite magazine, a cozy book, or even watching a foreign film with the subtitles on. I try to take it all in – from traditional long-form non-fiction or fiction to poetry to graphic novels. Anything you can consume to see how other people write can help you improve your own skills.


Asking “what if” can help with creative problem solving. This helps me come up with as many solutions as possible before deciding what direction to take. Asking questions helps satisfy the sense of curiosity which is important to have for creativity. Creating what if scenarios also help me brainstorm and create multiple options or solutions for the problem or prompt.


Everyone I work with at Ocreative is extremely creative whether it is artistically or even creating solutions for problem-solving. When I am surrounded by creativity it helps me through creative blocks. I am also able to continue learning resources because I am able to learn more from others that I work with when it comes to creating solutions for problem-solving.

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Music is an important part of my work schedule. Listening to happy music can help promote more creative thinking. These happy songs can help give me new ideas and provide a sense of inspiration and/or motivation while I am working.

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I do my best work when I can focus entirely on a task with no distractions.  The best way I do this on a day-to-day basis is by listening to music in the background. Usually music without words, just a melody or a rhythm, such as electronic music or classical music.  The focus this gives me provides a flow to my work and keeps me going when things get frustrating.


Sometimes you just need to step away from a task for a bit. Usually, I have many different things on my plate, so I can switch between tasks if needed.  Doing a different task, especially something that requires a different thought process or technique can bring a breath of fresh air.  Completing even a small task can give that feeling of accomplishment and take away from the frustration I might be feeling when working on a larger project.


When in the thick of a project and feeling stuck or like what you’re working on is just not working, it can be really helpful to go for a walk. Remove yourself from the project and get moving! Go get a snack from your favorite coffee shop or go for a short walk with a friend. If you’re stuck, taking yourself out of that space and giving your mind something else to focus on for a while can help give a new perspective and reset your mind so that when you come back to it, you can look at the problem with fresh eyes.

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We are always hardest on ourselves and tend to be even more so when stressed, tired, or mentally exhausted. One of my favorite sayings is “You can’t pour from an empty cup!” It is too common for people in our fast-paced world to push themselves too hard physically, mentally, and emotionally. Besides the basics of proper sleep, hydration, and nutrition, everyone needs time to find and explore activities to help reduce stress, give the mind a rest, and recharge the soul.


Since most of my creative work takes place on the computer, I find that it helps me to step away from the mouse and create something more tangible with my hands. This can be anything from making a fun little craft project to practicing my baking skills – both require me to flex a different creative muscle than I normally use, and I find the small act of using my hands to put something together to be rewarding.

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When I feel stuck creatively, I sometimes find that a simple conversation can really spark inspiration. Everybody has their own unique perspective on things, and sometimes learning about another idea or point of view is all I need to help push away that feeling of being stuck. What I love most about collaboration is the domino effect that happens when ideas are bounced back and forth, and they continue to grow and grow – I find it to be inspiring and is sometimes the spark I need to get back on a creative roll!

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We hope that our 20 creative health habits have inspired you to embark on your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. At Ocreative, we encourage you to explore these habits and find one that resonates with you. Remember, your well-being is a journey, and by embracing creativity, you can make it an enriching and exciting one. Here’s to a healthier, happier you!