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Understanding Google’s 2020 Core Updates and How They Affect Your Website

Google rolled out two sets of Core Updates in 2020 – one in January and one in May. While Google never comes out and exactly says how they are changing their algorithms, they do announce how their changes intend to improve user interaction with their search platform. Learn more about how these changes affect your website and how it performs in Google search results.

Google Ads: New Features You Need to Know

At the end of July, Google officially transitioned from Google Adwords to Google Ads and rolled out a few new features. The term “Google Ads” intentionally drops “words” from the title to better encompass the advertising solutions provided by Google outside of their search term-based Pay Per Click (PPC) functions such as web display, video, and in-app features. In this article, we dive into the most exciting changes Google made for the average business to utilize.

Connecting Online and Offline Branding for a Seamless Brand Experience

Consistency in brand messaging is nothing new to the marketing arena, but there are still lessons to be learned, especially in the small business community. Smaller marketing budgets require that every piece of print collateral, and every online experience, count. Ad pieces that land outside of an already recognized brand have little to no impact, and generally lack any real return on investment. In short, the details matter.

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