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But first, let me set this up a little…

We have an orange (surprised, right?!) dry erase board next to our coffee station. Each day, someone at Ocreative adds a little line here, a circle there, and as the week progresses, a collective drawing emerges. Sometimes the lines and shading happens during a coffee break. Sometimes, we do it to stretch our legs. Sometimes, the drawing bug hits us, and we can’t help ourselves but get up and draw on the board! It’s always fun to see where the drawing goes each week, and it’s a no-holds-barred sort of situation (but we keep it clean, of course!)


“Give us a sample of the Weekly Drawing!”

So, now that I’ve given you the background and our ground rules. Here’s a sampling of some of the best weekly drawings we’ve had over the last year. Yes, that’s right, we’ve been doing this for a while! Until now, it’s been an intimate thing – just for fun – a thing we did just between those of us in or visiting the Ocreative office. Well, we’re ready to reveal some of our weekly drawings with all of you. Here goes…

2014-07-22 08.15.42

2014-08-15 17.57.50



2014-09-05 17.19.01


2015-03-09 10.37.08


2015-05-15 17.59.16

2014-10-04 12.50.35


Who participates – everyone!

There are no rules on who can draw — that would be silly! But I can tell you, even clients and vendors who have stopped by our office have even added a few lines to it. There are no rules to who can draw, only that the current drawer can’t erase the previous person’s lines.


This week’s drawing is… Three Turtles

Yes, it’s a tribute to the Ninja Turtles — three turtles… one slice of pizza.

The drawing began as a horizontal infinity symbol, and then another and another. Somewhere along the week, the middle infinity symbol turned into Donatello. Then, Raphael came up next to him. Then Leonardo. Today, our three turtles are fighting about a single piece of pizza. Who will win!? Pizza for dinner anyone?

2015-07-24 15.50.57

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