As a team, we’ve had a really great time sharing our music and more about ourselves, but we would be remiss to leave out, arguably, one of our most important team members. This week, our Chief Stress Relief Officer, Wendy, shares her Lady Powerhouse Playlist and reminds us all why she is queen. If you’ve met her, you love her and if you haven’t, you must stop by for a visit!

Wendy Puppy

Wendy is a multi-faceted, task master with an eye for ingenuity and chicken jerky. She’s quite the saleswoman and definitely knows how to connect with people. She works hard and plays harder. We interviewed Wendy and this is what she had to say. Sit back and enjoy some sage advice!

Why did you choose a career in marketing & advertising?

Sometimes… greatness chooses you. I think it all started when I realized I was a puppy model. People were always wanting to take picture of me, and I became somewhat of a celebrity around these humans I live with. But I knew there was more for me. I wanted to be behind the camera! If you’ve ever visited the office, you’ve noticed that I have a lot to say, especially right when you walk through the door. I’m just full of great ideas!

Wendy Business
Wendy Pizza 295X300 1

What drew you to Ocreative?

The snacks. The humans at Ocreative always have the best goodies in their desk and they often share with me. Some are easier to convince than others, but I usually get my way. One time, I almost got Paul to give me a whole slice of cake until our plot was thwarted!

What is a little-known fact about you?

My sister is a cat and I love taking trips to grandma’s house! I get treats and I get to play with my dog friends. My very best friend is a Golden Retriever named Autumn!

When do you find yourself listening to music the most and why?

My work humans are always playing music! It’s very fun here! Sometimes, they even howl along. They try to dance too, but they always tell me I’m the best dancer, and who am I to argue?

What influences your musical taste?

I like songs that remind everyone that I am a VID (Very Important Doggo). I like songs that make me feel like the queen I am and that I can dancy dancy to.

Dancing Wendy Gif
Wendy Crown

What inspired you to create and share this playlist?

I am an independent woman who protects this whole office from invaders like squirrels and birds and FedEx. This playlist really gets me pumped for a long work week of naps by my mom’s desk, snacks, and barking.

What is your favorite song on the playlist and why?

9 to 5 by Dolly Parton is my favorite song right now because that’s when I’m at the office, taking names and checking off lists.

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