Last, but definitely not least, Andrea, our Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Ocreative is sharing her playlist and a little more about herself. Andrea excels in all things – she’s an amazing designer, a strong businessperson, a great friend, a caring mother and wife, and for us, an incredible mentor. She’s worked hard to create an open, inviting, and caring environment at Ocreative, and it’s why we believe we’ve been able to create such award-winning work.

Andrea’s passion is contagious, and it permeates in everything we do. From learning the latest marketing techniques to evaluating trends and continually improving business practices, Andrea keeps us at our best.

Her creativity doesn’t stop when she leaves the office, either. Andrea is an avid gardener and has a keen eye for interior and exterior decorating. Fun fact: one of her favorite Christmas presents ever was a power painter Matt gave her last year. It might be because she’s a color expert, or maybe she’s just really patient, but she loves to see the transformation that a new color can have on a room.

To find out more about Andrea, and to check out her taste in music, check out her interview and take a listen on Spotify!

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Why did you choose a career in marketing & advertising?

I chose to go into the marketing and advertising field because I’ve always had a passion for design and art from an early age. My art teacher in high school, artist Marcia Nickols, inspired me early on to study the nuances of color and to layer color in new and exciting ways. She also encouraged me in graphic design by convincing our school to purchase and install a copy of Adobe Illustrator so I could flex my design skills on the computer and begin experimenting with digital design.

During my senior project in 2002, the song Lose Yourself by Eminem came out on the radio. Listening to those thought-provoking opening lyrics throughout my senior project semester changed my mindset. I felt like the ending senior show was my one shot at making an impression with attending creative agencies. If I had one chance to get what I dreamed of, I wasn’t going to let it slip through my fingers, so I pushed hard. If I hadn’t pushed myself that hard during that time, I would not have known that I had the fearless drive or passion inside myself to launch Ocreative and navigate the company over the last 16 years and beyond.

What drew you to Ocreative?

It was always a dream of mine to have my own agency. I’ve invested countless hours both as an entrepreneur to get Ocreative launched, and as a business owner nurturing its growth over the past 16 years. I couldn’t have done any of it without my husband/business partner Matt or without curating a supportive environment of passionate, hard-working experts who are generous with their talents and passionate about providing work that surpasses expectations. There is an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” and that’s always resonated with me.

When do you find yourself listening to music the most and why?

I definitely have an eclectic taste in music taste that spans genres. I love discovering new music, especially artists and music from the UK, those in the indie/alternative music realm, and anything with an acoustic guitar.

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What is a little-known fact about you?

Every year, I countdown to curling up on the couch in a warm blanket, sipping a cup of cocoa or vanilla latte, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

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What influences your musical taste?

My musical taste is influenced by the story in the lyrics, the arrangement of the song, and how the artist uses their unique voice to make it memorable.

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What inspired you to create and share this playlist?

It’s super fun to create and share an eclectic mix of music and learn more about someone and what kind of music are into. You never know when you might find a new favorite!

What is your favorite song on the playlist?

Your Song by Rita Ora

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