This week, Paul, our Web Programmer extraordinaire, is sharing his favorite songs with us! Paul, an Ocreative veteran, kindly (and patiently) answers all of our technical questions and teaches us all the secret tips and tricks to WordPress development. Without hesitation, Paul tackles the most inventive web designs and makes sure our digital aesthetic dreams come true.

Fun fact: Paul is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hiking, climbing, and general adventuring. Whenever any of us plans a trip to a national park, we talk to Paul first, knowing he’s either been there or is planning on going. We’ve all used his trusty trip agendas and packing lists to make our own travels much easier! Whether he’s sharing cute animal pictures or telling us the latest strange fact he’s learned, Paul helps keep us entertained and knowledgeable! Read on to learn more about Paul:

Why did you choose a career in marketing & advertising?

It fit well with my skill set. I first started making websites as a hobby when I was in 8th grade when  I learned some basic HTML so I could play around with websites on  I learned much more about web development, programming, and computer networking as I moved through High School and Waukesha Area Technical College and eventually interviewed for a web developer position at a web firm a few years later. Afterwards I was offered a position to do front-end web development and was introduced to marketing and advertising through that agency.  I have always loved working on websites and helping client’s market themselves and hope to continue working in marketing for many years to come.

What drew you to Ocreative?

Matt Koeppel reached out to me on Linkedin while I was looking for a new place of work.  After the interview and seeing some of Ocreative’s work I knew it was the perfect place for me.  Everyone was so friendly and extremely talented;  the design work and specifically website designs were on a totally different level from what I had been building the last 6 years at my previous marketing agency.  I knew it would push me to grow professionally and provide a great working environment.

What is a little-known fact about you?

I simply love the mountains! I think they bring so much adventure to life between hiking to beautiful locations, rock climbing tall cliffs, or snowboarding through deep powder. I always wish I lived closer to the mountains but with so many good friends, close family, and wonderful career in Wisconsin; I have never quite been able to leave this beautiful state.

When do you find yourself listening to music the most and why?

I started really listening to music when I became a teenager. My two best friends are guitar players (one regular, one bass) and they would introduce me to new music constantly.  Classic Rock slowly become my favorite genre of music and it always drew me in more then the popular music of my time.

What influences your musical taste?

I listen to a lot of different musical genres.  I am always looking for something new and today I still listen to classic rock, 80’s rock and pop, 90’s rock and grunge, electronic music, early 90’s to 2000’s rap, punk, funk and many other styles.  I think I am drawn to good music no matter the style… except country!

What inspired you to create and share this playlist?

I created many playlists over the years. Songs I simply bookmarked because I love them and like to listen to them doing work on my computer.  It helps me zone into my work and block out distractions while I do coding and build websites.

What is your favorite song on the playlist and why?

Lately I have been listening to Deep Purple a lot and currently my favorite song is Highway Star.  It just has an upbeat rhythm and makes me want to dance in my chair when I listen to it at work!

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