This week, Allie shares her favorite 90’s country jams and tells us more about herself! If you haven’t met Allie, she’s our PPC & Digital Marketing Analyst and guru. She has a majestic mane of long, blonde hair and often brings us the most delicious (nut-free) baked goods ever! She is sharp and funny and regales us with hilarious stories of homeownership (do NOT ask her about well pumps).

If you need guidance on digital marketing, analytics, and social media, Allie is your ace in the hole! Check out her interview to find out more:

Why did you choose a career in marketing & advertising?

Marketing just fit my personality. I thought I wanted to be an accountant because I enjoy and am good at math. However, I also enjoy being creative. Marketing provided the best of both worlds – it appeals to my analytical side and allows me to use my creative mind. I love the ever-changing digital world – it challenges me to always keep learning.

What drew you to Ocreative?

Ocreative is #JobGoals. I wanted to be a part of a winning team, where I like going to work (people can’t believe I love my job) and grow in my career.

What is a little-known fact about you?

My boyfriend jokes that I am a little, old lady; I enjoy cooking, baking, sewing, crocheting, gardening (not pulling weeds) lol. I also enjoy hunting & fishing.

When do you find yourself listening to music the most and why?

I listen to music all the time, especially when I want to get something done. We always have different kinds of music playing at work but when I really need to focus in on something, or when I’m in the zone to clean my house, I put on my favorite music and get to work.

I really enjoy that country twang.

What influences your musical taste?

Growing up, we really only listened to country music. I didn’t listen to much else until I was driving my own car and got to choose the radio station (HA!). Country music makes me happy and is relatable to life.

What inspired you to create and share this playlist?

I chose songs that make me happy and I can listen to any time. Other types of music I really have to be in the mood to listen to.

What is your favorite song on the playlist and why?

It would have to be Shania – Man! I feel like a woman! I love Shania and who can’t resist singing and dancing when this comes on? If you are ready for 90s country songs, listen along!

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