This week, our newest Graphic Designer, Kelsey, shares her feel good playlist with us and tells us a little bit more about herself. Although she joined our team just three months ago, she fit right in and it feels like she’s been here all along. From her infectious pension for accents to her adoration for all animals, Kelsey keeps the vibes positive in our office! Fun fact: Kelsey does a pretty amazing impression of our office pup Wendy, if Wendy were a World War II-era Russian spy. She’ll happily demonstrate the next time you’re in the office.

Why did you choose a career in marketing & advertising?

My path to the world of marketing and advertising was fairly natural. I always had a strong interest in the arts, which lead me to graphic design. I love working in marketing and advertising because each day is different, and I always get a chance to exercise my creativity with a variety of projects and clients.


What drew you to Ocreative?

I was really drawn to Ocreative for a few reasons. I was raised in Hartland and I love that I can live and work in the same great place. I also love that I get to be a part of a smaller team where I can directly feel my impact on the work we put out. I love the people, the location, the projects, the building, and of course, Wendy running through the office looking for snacks around every corner.


What is a little-known fact about you?

I’m a vegetarian, 8 years and counting although I’m not sure if that’s a “little known” fact. I’m also an oil painter. And, recently, a new dog mom to a sweet, chunky 2-year-old lab mix named Nellie that I adopted from HAWS.

When do you find yourself listening to music the most and why?

My most intensive jam sessions usually come when I’m painting or driving. It’s almost like meditation to get lost in a good playlist and have the hours slip by even if it feels like you’re just getting started.

What influences your musical taste?

My playlist can be all over the place. I pick up favorite songs from friends, movies, the Spotify discover page, or even that groovy bumpin’ beat playing in West Elm while I’m sniffing out overpriced candles–my Shazam app is always on hand. Music is intertwined with my mood, if I need to get amped up, calmed down, or focused, I usually pick a song to help influence that.

What inspired you to create and share this playlist?

Once I find a song I like, I tend to listen to it nonstop until a new song comes along that hooks my attention. The playlist I created is essentially an accumulation of some of those songs. A lot of them are songs I would listen to while painting. It’s a bit all over the place, but it’s a feel-good playlist.

What is your favorite song on the playlist and why?

Right now, it’s S Club Party by S Club 7. No, I’m not embarrassed, it’s a great song! But I also really love Say It by Maggie Rogers because it’s been stuck in my head on and off for the past couple of weeks, ever since I saw her perform it on The Tonight Show.

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