If you follow our blog, you’ve noticed we have a thing or two to say about curated, quality content. In today’s market, consumers want to feel a real connection with the companies and brands they support. There’s heavy competition across all industries, and people have more choice than ever when it comes to product and service selection. Creating meaningful targeted content that speaks to your market audience is key to win over buyers and we’re here to help!

We spend a lot of time researching new marketing techniques, consumer demographics, and online trends to find the best ways to build these connections. To fuel our creative spirit, we flood our office with music. It keeps us energized throughout the day and we may or may not occasionally break out into song. If you’ve spent an afternoon at the office, it’s likely you’ve seen some chair dancing and a whole lot of Googling “What’s that song?!”

Ocreativeblog Radioicon

Full disclosure: we hit a music slump! Whether we used our satellite radio or switched to good old AM/FM stations, we kept hearing the same songs over and over again. True to our troubleshooting nature and love for marketing, we created a plan!

We are excited to announce our new initiative: Mixtapes by Ocreative. Our team is coming together to make interesting, diverse, and fist-bumping playlists using Spotify to keep our creative juices flowing. We want to share our playlists with you to help brighten your workday and give you some insight into what makes us who we are. Just like Dick Clark said “Music is the soundtrack to your life.” It connects us all and helps us through the hardest and best times of our lives. We’re sharing our music with you to bring us all a little closer.

Every member of our team selected two of their very favorite songs to curate our very first list. So here it is, just in time for this weekend’s cold snap: Keeping Out the Cold – a Mixtape by Ocreative

Can you match the songs to the right Ocreative team member? Email us if you think you’ve got the answer! If you are interested in finding new and unique ways to engage with your market audience, reach out to Ocreative and we can find the right strategy together!

Rock on,

The Ocreative Team

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