Having an email signature is like handing a person a business card every time you send an email. You want it to look professional and show your company’s personality. You wouldn’t just hand a prospective client a scrap of blank paper with your contact information scrawled on it, would you? No way! Email signatures can be an extremely valuable tool and very simple to implement. 

Six Reasons Email Signatures Are Important:


Legitimacy and Professionalism
Creating a cohesive image displayed throughout your company shows that your business is well established.


A signature is the perfect opportunity to brand every message you send. It establishes and reinforces who you are as a company.


Brand Recognition
By creating a cohesive email signature for each employee on your team, you create brand recognition in every person to whom your employees send emails.


Digital Business Card
This signature is your digital business card! It is a way to connect with customers and convey your openness to communication.


Personal Association
Adding a picture to your email signature is the cherry on top! It will allow the person receiving the email to make a personal association and connection with you.


Quick Links to Things That Matter
It’s all about your targeted recipients. Think about the most important links you want to communicate. By linking your company’s phone number, recipients will be able to tap it to make a quick call. Perhaps you want to connect to customers on a more personal level or build your social community—including social media icons with links to your channels makes great sense. Perhaps you place greatest value on making your website or newsletter signup a convenient and quick action for the recipient to take.

Keys to Success:

Brand Consistency
Keeping every signature on brand is the key to success. Make sure the logo and colors used in your company’s signature are the same as the ones on your website, brochures, letterheads, business cards, and so on. Be creative, yet keep things simple! Let this signature show your brand’s personality!

Company Consistency
Each one of your employees should have the same email signature layout, which should also include your company’s logo and colors. That way, all emails sent from your business are branded, reinforcing the branding benefits stated above.

Adding links to your home page or social media platforms will make it a lot easier for the recipient to contact you. It is an easy way to subtly promote your website and social media platforms. Also, it will make it easier for the recipient to find this information because it will be located at the bottom of every email you send.

Legal Disclaimers
There are regulations in place that require each email you send to have a legal disclaimer. This disclaimer depends upon what is important to your business. Reasons to add a disclaimer include confidentiality or copyrights to information in the email. Having a legal disclaimer on your email signature ensures your disclaimer will be on every email you send.

Keep it Simple
Do not overload the signature with tons of text, icons, or links.

The Basics:
– Name
– Position
– Phone number
– Email
– Website
– Logo

Email Signatures

Optional inclusions:
– Picture
– Small icons or links to your top two to four social media platforms
– Legal disclaimer

Hire a Professional and Use Our Branded Email Signature Platform

Sure, you can create your own signature, but for consistency, it should be hand-coded by a professional so that you don’t have underlined text, mismatched brand colors, or signature images that display as attachments instead of links.

To ease implementation of a new design that we create for companies, people, and devices, we developed our own email signature management system. The email signature system allows businesses to create company branded, error-free email signatures for new and existing employees.

Email Signatures Portal

Contact Ocreative About Email Signatures

Are your company’s email signatures up to par? Contact us and we will let you know! Or have us design and implement them for your business!

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