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Video Services

Video Services

Videos are an invaluable resource when it comes to marketing your brand. They are a prominent feature on social media, in websites, and in our everyday lives. Video marketing covers a wide variety of strategies including ad campaigns, educational/informative videos, demonstrative videos, internal training reels, and more. No matter what kind of video you create, it’s great opportunity to promote your brand and appeal to a wide audience, across multiple platforms.

Video offers an opportunity to show your brand’s story in an emotive and appealing way – it can showcase your brand and your company’s personality. Given that video has become an integral part of the online experience – it offers audiences a unique and personalized story that can explain what your brand is all about while capturing viewers’ attention, it is an essential component to any marketing strategy. While it’s not as easy as pressing record on an iPhone, working with Ocreative can give you a competitive edge and a polished product, delivered to the right channels at the right time.


Our team will work with you to develop a script that tells the right story. From there, we’ll develop a storyboard, curate the perfect shot list, and work with a videographer to implement the video shoot. After we’ve captured your message, story, and b-roll, we will edit and assemble the footage into a final product. During the process, we work to ensure that the videos produced meet your goals and needs, all while dialing in on an overall message, tone, and aesthetic that is not only in line with your brand, it amplifies your message.

Educational Videos

If you’re looking to share your expertise, explain a program, or define your organization, creating educational videos for internal or external distribution is a great way to drive real connections with your target audience. Appeal to both audio and visual learning styles while integrating additional graphics to emphasize your message and educate effectively.

Ad Campaigns

Share your message with the world using real life people and real stories. From television to streaming, visual ads can tell a powerful story while entertaining your audience. Find and share the right message across the right platforms to drive conversion and boost your ROI with Ocreative.


Filmed interviews are an important way to share a business or organization’s legacy, message, and future goals. Share these interviews online, internally during onboarding or workshop sessions, and even use them to attract new talent. There’s no better way to share the true feel of an organization than with conversations with those closest to it.

Training Videos

Work with Ocreative to produce training videos for internal onboarding, program updates, new system requirements, customer service scenarios, and more. Our graphics team will work closely with you to determine the best way to emphasize key points in your content to create the perfect balance between educational information and entertainment.


Create original assets, unique to your brand, that highlight your products or services, offices or work culture, equipment, events, and more. Professional photography adds a polished look and feel to a number of marketing initiatives like advertisements, web content, sales sheets, and brochures that create emotive experiences and that cannot be replicated by your competition.

Photography & Video Case Studies

Branding that moves.

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There are a lot of techniques and production possibilities with video. From optimizing for varying digital platforms to storyboarding the right content, there’s a lot to consider when looking to create an effective video. Check out a few of our articles on video production and placement to learn more!


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