When people are stepping into social media, sometimes people can feel overwhelmed with how to get started, or how to keep on track and even showing concern over the time involved in managing all of the accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc). My best advice is to set up an account with a program like Hootsuite. It’s online, has a mobile app for the iPhone (others coming soon), and is plain just an easy way to manage all of the accounts. Some of my favorite features include:

Hoot Suite

  • Schedule updates: Set posts to display immediately or in the future
  • Target and track links and see the results in Real Time Stats.
  • Monitor Keywords to build leads, find more people to follow (make connections) and overall create a listening station about mentions of your company.
  • Custom interface with team collaboration
  • It integrates with Google Analytics (your website stats) so you can see how your Tweets or message have affected your website traffic.
  • It let’s you know how many people have clicked on the links that you have posted.
  • It’s FREE and had advanced paid accounts so try it out.