Thanksgiving is a time steeped in important traditions, in fact, the entire holiday season is full of familiar activities, people, and things. Take a moment to think about your holiday traditions and reflect on where they come from. Maybe your grandma and mother use Libby’s canned pumpkin and now that’s what you use. Maybe your family heads out to a tree farm every year to find the perfect Blue Spruce to decorate for the holidays. Perhaps you watch your children eagerly take in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the same way you did when you were five. The truth is, we all have our own rituals and connections to the holidays, but why?

Thanksgiving Food

A connection to Libby’s canned pumpkin or Blue Spruce Christmas trees or even watching the Thanksgiving Day parade all derive from emotive and memorable experiences. Your grandma probably made her first perfect pumpkin pie with that can of Libby’s and every year since, she sticks by that choice. A long time ago, your great grandpa decided that a Blue Spruce was the perfect tree to fill the living room and your grandpa and dad grew up seeing that familiar tree and seek it out now. Seeing that giant inflatable Snoopy brings you right back to your happy childhood. Consumer psychology is a powerful thing, and brands and businesses should take note, especially during the holidays.

Creating an emotional connection with consumers – facilitating genuine experience between your product or service and your customer, is a sure-fire way to drive legacy loyalty. According to Forbes, “Though it may take more effort to obtain and maintain a personal connection with customers, the bottom-line benefits are well worth it. Once you have made that connection, you get much more than traditional loyalty — you get a vocal, engaged advocate for your brand.” Not only will your customer stick with your brand longer, they are also more likely to recommend your product or service to friends and family. The holidays mark a wonderful opportunity to create emotional connections with your audience. Many brands use the wonder of the holidays to create ad campaigns and content that really speak to people by capturing the holiday experience and connecting it to their brand.

Ocreative Team Traditions

To help inspire your holiday marketing strategy (and maybe even your holiday plans), we at Ocreative wanted to share a list of our favorite holiday traditions. Think of interesting ways your company may be able to connect with these situations – whether it be though products, services, or even customized marketing content via your social media or blog platforms. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.


Andrea, Founder and Chief Creative Officer – Every year, during the holiday family gathering, one member is enlisted to bring a new game that no one in the family has played before and then they play it all together.


Matt, Chief Business Development Officer – Rather than continue the family feud over which is better, canned for fresh pumpkin, for pumpkin pie, Matt calls in a pinch hitter and purchases a delicious premade pie to keep the bakery peace.

Paul Blogphoto

Paul, Web Developer – Every year for the holidays, tried and true, Paul’s family participates in a lightening-round gift exchange where relatives roll dice for snake eyes to exchange their white elephant gifts AFTER they’ve been opened.


Caylin, Graphic Designer – Every year on Christmas morning, Caylin’s family gathers to open gifts while enjoying cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Not just any cinnamons rolls, though, her family always buys the same brand of frozen cinnamon rolls to bake and eat while celebrating the holiday.

Jerrie Blogphoto

Jerrie, Marketing Strategist and Copywriter – Excitedly tries new and complex recipes for important holiday meals and inevitably, at least one goes awry.

Alyssa Blogphoto

Alyssa, Marketing Administrative Assistant – Every year, Alyssa and her family gather early on Christmas day to tear open presents in their PJs.

Allie Blogphoto

Allie, PPC & Digital Marketing Analyst – Once Thanksgiving hits, Allie and her mom begin preparing for their annual “Cookie Baking Day” where they get to work baking at least 15 different kinds of cookies and bars!

Justin Blogphoto

Justin, Junior Web Developer – No holiday would be complete without Justin’s cousin’s famous punch – the holiday meal may change, but the punch, reliably, is always the first requested and the first to go!


Wendy, Office Pup – Wendy’s favorite holiday traditions include playing with her family and taking naps after getting tasty snacks!

This season take the time to talk to your friends and family to learn what traditions bring them joy during the holidays. Think of unique ways to create connections with your customers using the nostalgia and excitement that fills this time of year. Not only will you learn something new about those you love, but you might just be struck with inspiration to take your holiday marketing campaigns to the next level.

If you’re unsure how to create a holiday campaign for your business, contact Ocreative for some guidance!

From our Ocreative family to yours, happy Thanksgiving!