Today is an exciting day for color as the Pantone Color Report for Spring 2014 was released to coincide with New York Fashion week. Pantone’s stunning new colors for spring 2014 include a season of colorful equilibrium: Dazzling Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock, Sand, Placid Blue, Cayenne, Freesia, Celosia Orange, Paloma, and Radiant Orchid.

Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report


It’s exciting to see the pastel and neutrals combine with vivid colors. The result is a palette that’s fresh and full of life. Celosia Orange, Placid Blue, and Sand —  are all colors we used to paint our new Ocreative office. It’s exciting to see those colors appear on our walls as well as the Pantone Spring Color 2014 report. Living within walls that are those colors, we can completely understand why these hues made the top of the list. The contrast of the exciting, vivid, and bold Celosia Orange and the calming, pastel Placid Blue create an au courant look.


Ocreative Team In The Office

I always look forward to the color trending reports. It’s exciting to see how designers around the world are creatively using similar colors and unexpectedly combining them to make their color palettes stand out. For example the percentage of designers using each of the colors is interesting:

Dazzling Blue 17.05% of designers using this color

Violet Tulip 16.47% of designers using this color

Radiant Orchid 15.88% of designers using this color

Celosia Orange 10% of designers using this color

Freesia 8.24% of designers using this color

Cayenne 7.65% of designers using this color

Placid Blue 7.06% of designers using this color

Paloma 6.47% of designers using this color

Sand 5.88% of designers using this color

Hemlock 5.30% of designers using this color


To read the official press release, Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2014.

The report is available for free download at