Marketing automation can dramatically streamline your marketing process. Eighty-eight percent of marketers said that marketing automation helped reduce the time spent on preparing reports and analysis, thereby granting more time for strategy and focusing on customer interactions (CMO).

With marketing automation, companies have seen an increase in sales and a decrease in marketing overhead. The whole marketing automation process is specific to a type of user, therefore eliminating marketing efforts pushed onto the wrong audience. According to CMO, marketing automation drives a 14.5 percent increase in sales productivity and a 12.2 percent reduction in marketing overhead.

Explaining the Process of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the process of using specific software and methods to market to your desired audience more effectively. It is designed to simplify and enhance your sales process, making it easier and more efficient. The process and software allow you to create more leads, nurture them more effectively, and convert more into sales.

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How Does Marketing Automation Do All This?

Below are the main tactics involved in marketing automation:


Lead Generation and Behavior Tracking

Marketing automation allows your website to become a lead generation tool. You can set up forms on your website to gain contact information and see who exactly is visiting your website. We know what you’re thinking . . . Forms are nothing new. Although that is true, the logic and system behind the forms, paired with a marketing automation system, are game changers. Forms backed by marketing automation allow you to gain behavior tracking and see the pages visitors view on your website. Page visits are no longer arbitrary—they are tied to a single person. This feature can provide tremendous insight as to what a person needs and wants from your company.



Personalized, Targeted E-mails

Marketing automation is not just e-mail marketing. Based upon the path the leads (visitors) took on your website, they will receive e-mails tailored to their interests. Additionally, you can predetermine the time the e-mail gets sent, whether it’s five minutes after the site visit or the next day. All the automation is set up prior in the software, reducing workloads for sales and marketing teams. According to Jupiter Research, relevant e-mails drive eighteen times more revenue than broadcast e-mails, demonstrating that tailored e-mails specific to the user are more beneficial and a better use of marketing spending. This system gives you the ability to send the right e-mail, at the right time, on a personal level. With marketing automation, you can connect with a potential lead right after he or she has visited a page of your website, downloaded a white paper, or viewed a certain product.


Lead Nurturing

Usually, leads are not ready to convert to a sale immediately, but you don’t want to lose them because the timing isn’t right. With lead nurturing tactics involved in the marketing automation process, you can ensure that leads are getting enough attention to keep them in the sales funnel. You can monitor their behavior, see the specifics they are interested in from your company, and gain the insight to turn them into a conversion. Also, nurtured leads make 47 percent larger purchases than leads who were not nurtured (The Annuitas Group).


Analytics and ROI

Marketing automation software provides data for determining whether marketing campaigns are performing effectively or not. That way, you can tweak or eliminate underperforming campaigns faster. Costs and revenue are tracked, simplifying the calculation of your ROI on each campaign.

Request a Demo and Learn More

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