At Ocreative, we’re an integrated marketing agency, meaning we develop marketing strategies and creative campaigns that weave together a company’s strategic branding, the website, printed, and digital advertising, social media and more.

Because we specialize in marketing automation, we don’t tell a brand’s overall story to the masses; we speak to the target audience in a voice geared to them. I mean, who doesn’t like to be talked to on a personal level? I can’t say that I’ve never heard anyone say, “Please don’t know my name or anything about me, just talk generically to me!” Personalized, targeted messages can do a lot to push the brand’s sales to the next level without being creepy. First, we establish goals of the brand, identify the voice, and lean on our expertise to how and where to advertise. We brainstorm to create the messaging, then design and execute the campaigns.

“It’s not about constant contact; it’s about relevant contact”

From the very beginning of the planning, we want the brand to not only speak with consistency but speak to achieve a planned and desired result. It’s not about constant contact; it’s about relevant contact. With Ocreative as your integrated marketing agency, we will campaign for the success of your business. It is with a full understanding of what your goals are that we develop the campaign’s strategic plan and then carry it out. We’ll strive to produce greater results because we use our experience and knowledge in the distribution of a message and consider what sort of distribution limits there are. We consider the impact of color, design, what the interaction will be and its overall experience. We’ll also take into consideration how to reach many targeted users.

Ocreative inherently provides benefits that include:

• a singular/synchronized brand voice and experience for the brand’s targeted audience(s)
• create cost efficiencies through creativity and production
• leverage our media relationships to negotiate placements
• tie the marketing and sales processes together to produce ROI results from marketing initiatives

To top it off, as I mentioned earlier, we sincerely care about the success of our clients. If you agree that

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About Ocreative

Ocreative ( is an integrated marketing agency committed to designing outstanding creative experiences that inspire through compelling digital marketing and print communications. Ocreative develops creative and innovative brand identity, print, and interactive, user-focused websites, ensuring target audiences are vitally connected to every facet of its clients’ brands. For inquiries, please call Matt Koeppel ( at 262-567-1164.