A Refreshing Twist for 2020: Introducing Ocreative’s New Website

If you’ve perused our marketing insights articles, you’ve probably noticed we talk a lot about the importance of meaningful branding and user-friendly websites. From Rebranding: the Inevitability of Change to our series Building Better Websites, we have spent quite a bit of time researching marketing trends, exploring usability techniques, and expanding our skillset to help keep our clients more relevant and successful than ever. We took 2020 as an opportunity to redevelop our own voice, aesthetics, and function to deliver a new website that exemplifies the combined power of marketing, design, and usability.

Marketing with a Purpose

Effective websites should act as the central hub for all your marketing efforts. Everything from print to search ads to billboards generally direct users to seek out more information about a product or service online. As we discussed in When Marketing Budgets are Tight It’s Time to Get Back to the Basics, high-performing websites should act as both an informational tool and a mechanism with which to interact with your target audiences. Each webpage should have a unique purpose and message that weave together to form the complete narrative of your business.

We used this philosophy to develop both a theme (relationship focused) and a strong site map (project forward) as the backbone to our new website. We reinvented our portfolio section as a series of case studies to help define our capabilities, created clearly defined service pages to guide users through our offerings, and developed unique, emotive copy that emphasizes our mission of service, creativity, and community with our clients.

Bold, Welcoming Design

If you’ve had the opportunity to visit our office, you likely know that we are a lively and friendly bunch of creatives. Because of this, we felt it was important to maintain the joy, wonder, and curiosity tied to our signature imagery of children exploring the world around them while helping our brand mature. Finding a way to bridge the gap between our old branding imagery and new visuals posed unique challenges and opportunities for growth in our design process but proved to be a wonderful experience.

While linking the heritage of a brand to a modern variation can be difficult, continuity in brand messaging is crucial to a successful transition. For more on the importance of branding consistency, check out our article Connecting Online and Offline Branding for a Seamless Brand Experience. We like to say our creative kids graduated and are now exploring in new ways. We used a combination of adventure themed illustration, whimsical animation, and real photos of our team and office space to show what creativity and drive can build. We worked to curate an inviting and warm digital space that reflects our philosophy of working with our clients, side-by-side, every step of the way.

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Thoughtful Usability Techniques

But all the creative copy and beautiful design in the world means nothing if users can’t easily navigate your content. That’s why we went through a series of rigorous brainstorming sessions to flush out the most successful user journey experiences possible. Every detail of our new website is meant to drive some level of interaction. Whether getting to know our team, learning more about our capabilities, or seeing our work in action, we strived to curate a memorable experience that helps users find all the information they need in a seamless transaction. Taking important UX and UI principles we’ve shared with you in articles like Make Your Website Menu Work for You and Information Architecture in Under Five Minutes, we put real information into action.

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It’s Not Just About Us

One of the most important takeaways we want our new website to convey is that every one of our clients is a significant part of the Ocreative family. We promise to treat your business or organization with the same care, diligence, strategy, and immense curiosity we do our own. We know that anything is possible and can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.

About Us

Ocreative is a Milwaukee marketing agency, with expertise and broad experience in developing digital marketing strategies, and growing their online presence, for their clients. The company’s core values include offering the highest level of customer service, award-worthy quality, and performance that surpasses client expectations. Ocreative is located just outside Milwaukee, and works with clients locally, nationally, and globally. Their clients have access to some of the most fun and knowledgeable professionals around – ones who inspire, educate, and problem solve. The agency provides marketing and brand strategyadvertising and designwebsite design and social media, and video expertise to their clients, fulfilling their desire for business growth, and their aspiration to make a mark on their industry.