An incredible 1.8 million words. That number, 1.8 million, is what Dr. James McQuivery of Forrester Research calculates as the value of the number of words in one minute of video. Or how about this? A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and a video flashes thirty pictures a second. Just imagine how much information you can convey and emotion, trust, curiosity, and confidence you can evoke in just a few seconds of video. With attention spans of Internet users diminishing every year, it’s a fast, effective way to grab users’ attention.

Online marketing strategy already includes some amazing tactics such as utilizing social media, webinars, surveys, emails, e-books, etc., but now we can even take the items listed to the next level by incorporating video marketing into them. Just as an example, according to Forrester, adding a video to an email (or even just saying “video” in the subject line) drives two to three times more click-throughs, and comScore reports that a video on your site can increase the chance of a front-page Google result as much as fifty-three times  Tweet This !

One of the major contributing factors to the rise of the popularity of videos is that people just don’t have as much time to spend reading lengthy text-based pages, testimonials, or product descriptions in a society that is constantly on the go. In a matter of just a few minutes, a person can watch a company reel, interviews, explainer videos, or product and service demos and get the same, if not more, information than if they were to take thirty minutes to look through the entire site Tweet This . Plus, there is a level of engagement you can get with a video that you just can’t get with traditional media: The movement in the video catches the eye while the music or voice-over breathes life into the images. This blends together in a way that can prompt emotions, such as excitement, to keep the viewer’s attention right through the last second of the video and beyond, creating a need for further engagement or prompting the viewer to take action.

The bottom line is this: Video content is the most effective content, and the age of online video marketing has started, with users consuming more video than ever before. By next year, video marketing is predicted to make up 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, and for good reason too. Users who view your video have a higher likelihood of becoming your customers. In fact, users who view product or service videos are 64 to 85 percent more likely to buy or take action on your site  Tweet This . So if you’re not using video marketing, you’re losing customers and clients to those who are. Businesses that use video in their marketing strategy see higher engagement rates, higher click-through rates, and higher conversion rates.

And you can too.

If your business needs a solid video marketing plan and videos to go along with it, contact us here at Ocreative, and we’ll discuss the next exciting steps we can help you take toward a big, bright, video future.