Hallett Vet Social Media

The Client

Hallett Veterinary Hospital, Inc. is a veterinary clinic dedicated to excellent care and believes in using superior technology for surgical procedures, routine checkups, and vaccines. As lovers of all animals, the doctors and staff at Hallett Vet work hard, every day, to improve the lives of pets, their families, and the communities they live in through advocacy, compassionate care, and education.

The Request

Hallett Vet was looking to create a stronger connection with their existing clients and social media followers while educating others on their abilities, services, and specialties through video. We worked together to curate a series of videos that focused on individual aspects of their client offerings and culture. Each video would be short enough to maintain viewer attention, but long enough to tell a full narrative and help build confidence and understanding for their brand.

The Strategy

Because Hallett Vet wanted to promote both their services and emphasis on positive client interaction, Ocreative coordinated an on-site video and photoshoot. We started with a storyboard and goals for each video, developed interview questions, worked with our videographer to set lighting and sound, interviewed staff, and took both b-roll and additional photos for the final videos. Using these assets, we developed a script, optimized the narration, added a soundtrack and visual effects to create polished, complete videos. Each video included important information on the clinic and starred some of their very cute, furry patients.

Hallettvet Sm Computerposts

The Outcome

The combination of friendly, informative interviews and eye-catching animal visuals really drew attention from viewers. In fact, the visuals were so persuasive that our social media team leveraged assets from each short to create a customized social sharing strategy. We worked to develop an optimized publishing schedule based on potential viewership and interaction, wrote post copy, and created posts and video ads to engage with their target audience. Ocreative coordinated the publication, monitored viewer reception, and refined each post and ad to ensure maximum viewership.