Lake Country Pediatrics Social Media

The Client

With locations in Oconomowoc and Delafield, Lake Country Pediatrics (LCP) aims to enhance the health and lives of their patients and their families. They are committed to creating a service-orientated environment and work to provide comprehensive healthcare options for children. Respectful of families’ needs in all situations, Lake Country Pediatrics strives to provide excellent and up-to-date healthcare to all patients. Lake Country Pediatrics, S.C. is dedicated to providing cost-effective medicine and ensuring all families can receive quality care.

The Request

Because Lake Country Pediatrics believes in patient and family-focused care, it’s important to their team to make genuine connections with their clients. As part of their initiative to provide resources, wellness opportunities, and to keep clients informed with clinic news, Lake Country Pediatrics works with Ocreative to develop a tailored social media schedule with custom content and interaction management. The clinic staff is incredibly busy so they needed a partner to take their social media strategy and run with it confidently and effectively.

The Strategy

In order to optimize their social media content while limiting their administrative requirements, the Ocreative social media team develops a monthly content calendar including post dates, topics, and interaction plans. The Lake Country Pediatric staff reviews and approves the calendar and we handle all of the coordination and execution post approval.

To help engage with the community and existing clients, Ocreative develops content that promotes overall wellness, provides information on healthy habits and nutrition and distills the latest news from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Because it’s a pediatric clinic, we also work to keep the content playful and engaging by including customized craft and recipe guidance, fostering fun contests, and sharing fun details about the clinic and staff.


The Outcome

Ocreative effectively manages Lake Country Pediatrics’ significant social following while coordinating boosted and paid posts to drive new engagements. Our social media team works to address user interactions quickly while maintaining crucial geographic coverage to boost clinic foot traffic. Our graphic designers have also developed a custom aesthetic for Lake Country Pediatrics, ensuring each post is unique to their branding and style.

Purple Circle


As part of their mission to educate parents, patients, and families, the Lake Country Pediatrics team wanted to create a fun way to share educational, exciting books designed to help children and their parents. The team worked with Ocreative to develop a custom social media campaign called “Children’s Book of the Month.” Our creative team came up with a special character for the series, whom we lovingly call Wormy. Each graphic in this series features Wormy dressed up to match the theme of the book. Wormy has been a dairy farmer, an explorer, a doctor, a scuba diver, a fall friend, and even a spooky vampire. Wormy and his book recommendations were so effective and fun that he was honored with a silver award of distinction from the Communicator Awards in 2021!