WIAAP Video Series

The Client

The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (WIAAP) strives to assure optimal health and well-being for all of Wisconsin’s children and their families by providing support and education to their members. They seek to enable pediatricians across Wisconsin to be the most effective providers of healthcare to children. Founded in 1953, this group has grown to include over 900 members throughout the state of Wisconsin. We’ve proudly worked with the WIAAP team for several years helping to develop successful marketing strategies for a number of their initiatives.

The Request

After creating a successful, member-focused website developed as a hub for their academic and professional resources, events information, advocacy initiatives, and recent news, WIAAP sought to increase membership and awareness through a video campaign. The idea was to create a series of informational videos explaining what WIAAP is, why pediatricians should become members, and how the group advocates for children.

The Strategy

In order to create the most authentic, impactful narrative we could, we worked with WIAAP’s Executive Director to attend one of their yearly summits. We set up two interview areas and conducted in-depth interviews with many members of WIAAP spanning from their governing board to new members. We developed questions to understand the draw and benefits of membership, to learn more about the type of pediatricians they are, and to help tell their organizations story. We worked with the WIAAP team to recover existing event photos and used a combination of their assets and our original assets to create three videos, each about two minutes long. We used our in-house production and design team to develop scripts, solidify storyboards, edit the footage, add animation and sound, and complete the videos from beginning to end.

The Outcome

The final series of videos are used as a powerful tool to help drive new membership, add narrative to their website, and act as an incredible milestone in their growth. These videos are used to help draw attention to the website and inform all people, from pediatricians to the public, of the important role that WIAAP plays in our communities. The heart-felt interviews with real members paired with a clear and concise script help to relay a strong message that stands out.