Project Description

Hallett Vet Video Series

The Client

Hallet Veterinary Hospital, Inc. is a veterinary clinic dedicated to excellent care using superior technology for surgical procedures, routine checkups, and vaccines. As lovers of all animals, the doctors and staff at Hallett Vet work hard, every day, to improve the lives of pets, their families, and the communities they live in through advocacy, compassionate care, and education.

CommunicatorAwards_icon 2019 Silver Award of Excellence, Video Series, The Communicator Awards

The Request

Hallett Veterinary Hospital, Inc. approached Ocreative hoping to create an original series of educational videos that they could share with their clients and social media followers. They wanted each video to follow a specific theme and to include professional footage taken inside of the veterinary clinic to help highlight their facilities and capabilities.

The Strategy

After an in-depth analysis of their goals and objectives to promote their services and client interaction, Ocreative developed a series of storyboards for five educational videos: Why Hallett?, Dental Care at Hallett Vet, Hallett Vet – a Cat Friendly Practice, Anesthesia at Hallett Vet, and My Dog Ate What?

We worked with a professional videographer to record a series of interviews with the Hallett Vet team and to capture an authentic portrayal of the clinic for people to experience. We developed storyboards and scripts and used our in-house team to edit and render the final videos. We added sound and animation to add the finishing touches to each video. Our team was responsible for everything from the initial brainstorm through the final product and we enjoyed every moment of it!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that part of our job is getting to interact with such incredible people and such adorable animals!

The Outcome

The final site is an exciting, beautiful, and functional experience for all ages. Tailored content encourages membership for kids and teens while an emphasis on key statistics and practices validates program benefits helping parents and guardians to feel confident in their children’s participation. There are clear pathways for users to donate to the Clubs and to sign up for programs, maximizing conversions while minimizing administrative work for the Club’s staff. Parents can now easily navigate, view, and source information about the Clubs available in their area and sign up with ease.