The steps below are general settings to be used when setting up email on your Android based phone or tablet.

Due to the large variation between the various versions of the Android-based operating systems for both tablets and smartphones, we cannot provide step-by-step instructions for email setup at this point. However, below you will find all the information needed to complete the settings for email.

NOTE: Email accounts should be set up as IMAP for mobile devices.
Incoming Mail Server Settings

username :
password : **PRIVATE** (please call if you do not have)

IMAP / Incoming Server :
Security Type : SSL
Port : 993
IMAP path prefix : (leave blank)

Outgoing Mail Server Settings

Requires Sign-In / Authentication : YES

username : full email address
password : **PRIVATE** (please call if you do not have)

Outgoing SMTP Server :
Security Type : SSL
Port : 465