Heading out of the office for a few days? Going on vacation? Follow the directions below to manage your own email auto responder.

Login URL: mail.yourdomain.com

Username: your full email address

Password: **PRIVATE TO YOU** (please contact Ocreative if you forgot your password)

  1. Log in to the webmail using your account information above
  2. Click on Auto Responders
Add New Auto Responder
  1. Click the grey Add Auto Responder button in the upper-left
  2. Leave Character Set: as utf-8
  3. Set Interval: to 24 hours
  4. From should be Your Name (as seen by recipients of the auto responder)
  5. Subject can be set to anything you want. If you wish to retain the original subject of the message sent to you, use %subject%
    ex. [Out of Office] %subject%   – or –   RE: %subject%
  6. Fill in the Body of the message you want sent as your auto response
  7. Set your Start time
  8. Sent your Stop time
  9. Click the Create/Modify button
Update Existing Auto Responder
  1. From the list of Auto Responders, click on the Edit link to the right of your desired auto responder
  2. Make all the desired changes (for details on specific fields, see above details for adding a new auto responder)
  3. Be sure to update you Start and Stop dates and times
  4. Click the Create/Modify button
Turning Off Your E-mail Auto Responder

Although the new system has stop dates for your auto responder, you can always delete a current auto responder to discontinue it’s functionality.

  1.  From the list of Auto Responders, click on the Delete link to the right of your desired auto responder
  2. On the confirmation page, click the Delete Autoresponder button

If you have any questions or concerns, please give our office a call at 262-563-1800.