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We’re celebrating fourteen years of creative goodness.

What began as a one-woman operation in 2003 has grown into an Internationally recognized, award-winning integrated marketing agency. With the help of a talented team, Ocreative has grown into one of the top marketing agencies in the Milwaukee area, and this month we are excited to celebrate our fourteenth year of redefining creative, interactive, and engaging marketing in the Midwest and beyond.

It hasn’t always been easy. We work in an industry that is continually evolving and reshaping how people interact with marketing. Trends and technologies shift, as do attitudes toward design. Design has become more comprehensive than it has been; after all, the purpose of graphic design is to communicate, and it is often a reflection of the world we live in. People expect to be pulled in by design—they expect to be impressed. As designers, we needed to utilize the powerful technology popping up around us and adapt accordingly. Thanks to faster computers, new graphic software, and advances in printing, Ocreative did adapt, and we continue to push the boundaries of design. Add to that the rise of mobile social media and a faster, more powerful web, and as marketers, we found that to make the most of these new technologies, we needed to continuously update our skill set and knowledge base.

Ocreative didn’t just rise to this challenge—we charged ahead and embraced the change, transforming from a creative agency into an integrated digital marketing agency. We began at the forefront of marketing automation and are now recognized partners of SharpSpring, one of the fastest growing marketing automation software companies in the industry.

Take a walk down memory lane with us as we revisit our favorite designs from over the years.

Open House Wrap – Up

A special thanks to everyone that was able to attend our open house last month. If you want to re-live the night, or if you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry, we took pictures!