Selecpac USA Website

The Client

Selecpac USA is a value-added resource to businesses looking to expand their packaging line automation. As a total project resource, Selecpac USA works to integrate with existing manufacturing teams to create innovative solutions for their packaging needs. From semi-automatic to full-on automation, Selecpac USA helps to seamlessly integrate new packaging equipment into diverse packaging operations.


The Request

Because Selecpac USA caters to a very specific need across diverse manufacturing sectors, they required a website that strategically defines their services as a value-added resource. While educational in nature, they also wanted their website to operate as a conversion platform for potential clients.

The Strategy

To optimize lead generation and client contact, Ocreative worked with Selecpac USA to create custom forms and diverse opportunities for potential clients to connect. A custom alert banner with an option to set up a call back, a robust contact page, and several calls to action to engage help make this website truly interactive for users. This combined with custom imagery, infographics, and copy expanding on their services offer an interesting and balanced medium to educate new and potential clients. To aid in lead conversion, Ocreative worked to develop copy that targeted potential clients at every stage of the buying cycle to capture as much business as possible.

The Outcome

Following a successful website launch, Selecpac USA was able to reconnect with existing clients, build awareness with potential clients, and offer unified messaging and collateral across marketing initiatives to drive more conversions. As the central hub of their marketing efforts, the Selecpac USA website has proven an effective tool for potential clients to vet their services during their project evaluation process.