Brew Pipeline Website

The Client

Brew Pipeline came to Ocreative with a revolutionary business plan to enhance beer distributor offerings throughout the country and bring more diverse beers to beer drinkers everywhere. Their unique business offers a series of innovative programs that open up craft brewers’ portfolios, allowing brand distribution to currently untapped markets.



The Request

It was important the Brew Pipeline leadership team that their website was accessible and exciting to beer distributors, craft brewers, and consumers alike. They needed a custom eCommerce platform for distributors to place orders and an onboarding system for craft brewers to join the program. It was also important that the site was developed with future expansion in mind to accommodate new programs as they became available.

The Strategy

In order to fulfill brand needs for both B2B and B2C initiatives, we created a series of interview questions to lay the foundation for custom website copy and led a market research initiative to determine the best navigation style and structure for the site. Our development teams worked with a CRM system to implement a custom onboarding platform and tailored an eCommerce structure to meet the unique needs of Brew Pipeline’s distributor ordering plan. Our design team developed custom icons and infographics using the branding and color palette we developed prior to creating the site. We curated a strong photo and image library that quickly became the basis for several other initiatives including trade booth design and print collateral.

The Outcome

The final Brew Pipeline site minimized sales administrative time gathering order, distributor, and craft brewer information while the aesthetics, navigation, and information architecture generated much-needed buzz and helped spread the word about Brew Pipeline’s exciting new initiatives.

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