The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC)

The Client

The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC) is a membership organization dedicated to empowering Congregational Christian Churches through fellowship, resources, and education. From helping congregational churches across the United States in finding new ministers to supporting ministries and outreach programs, NACCC is dedicated to helping all congregational churches strengthen their faith communities.


Naccc Website Webpages


The wonderful team at NACCC approached Ocreative to help build a new website that better defined NACCC as a membership organization, that clearly outlined the benefits of membership, that explained Congregational Christianity, and that helped drive membership. They were working with a date system across three websites and wanted to unify all the content into one, easy to use and manage platform.

The new website also had several technical requirements including a gated membership platform, a job matching system for pastors, a complete U.S. directory of churches, a robust events platform with conditional logic capabilities, and document management center to share their resources and communications.


Ocreative began by doing a deep dive into the workflows and requirements of the NACCC team and explored viable user journeys to identify the best ways to capture traffic from target audiences like church leadership, parishioners, and pastors. Through several fact-finding sessions, Ocreative worked with the NACCC team to create a site map that grouped information based on interest and developed clear copy, page titles, menu structure, and headlines to help drive traffic to the correct areas of the website. We also found new ways to use welcoming language and inviting imagery to define Congregational Christianity to ensure that users who were not familiar were able to effectively navigate the website.

Naccc Icons


The final website balances the utility, function, and user experience through human-centered design. The membership and events platforms are not only beautiful and easy to use on the front end, but they are also easy to manage for the NACCC team. We created customized systems to ensure confidentiality, safety, and clarity for their pastor matching process and events system and created a more robust and better-defined resource section. The new website feels warm, inviting, inspirational, and educational and we couldn’t be more proud of the work with did with the NACCC team.