Selecpac USA Branding

The Client

Selecpac USA, based in the heart of Wisconsin, provides quality packaging automation solutions for diverse packaging requirements across multiple industries with an emphasis on food, petrochemical, and other consumer goods packaging. Unlike other solution providers, Selecpac USA offers project management, engineering, supplier communication, training, and set up as a value-added resource, making it a one-of-a-kind service in the industry.

Branding Selecpac Bizcards

The Request

Selecpac USA’s owner was looking to streamline his business and integrate more modern marketing practices into his existing routine. In order to better define the business within his industry and to develop brand awareness, Selecpac USA worked with Ocreative to develop a custom color palette and logo with custom typeface to act as the foundation for his new website and email marketing initiatives.

The Strategy

To truly hone in on the color palette and branding, Ocreative developed a key messaging package that included target audience identification, definition, and tailored messaging for each group. Using the market research and findings from the key messaging initiative, paired with additional information seeking, Ocreative’s color expert designed a color story titled Dynamic Energy. The color palette featured a leading pair of warm hues called Orangeade and Sun Orange that are both energizing and fun. This energy is balanced with their double-split complimentary colors, an electric and trustworthy blue called Aquarius and a faithful Beveled Glass. To include a bit of simplicity and space for the colors to breathe, we include an abundant use of Pure White or Bold Black.

Branding Selecpac Colors
Branding Selecpac Emails

In order to help define the brand, Ocreative used this color palette and the key messaging to develop a custom logo mark with accompanying type face. The final mark, an interwoven set of s-like shapes represent integration and forward motion while also emphasizing continuous movement and the stability of interlocking shapes. The mark can be used in full color, highlighting the leading pair of orange hues, or in gray scale. The coordinating typeface is a custom font developed to play off the movement and linework of the logo mark.

The Outcome

The final color palette and logo created a thoughtful aesthetic story that is the perfect foundation to spread awareness for Selecpac USA. The dynamic nature of the colors and branding draw the eye and emit confidence and stability in both digital and print applications. Selecpac USA received a resounding positive response from clients, vendors, and business associates alike. The refreshed and tailored look creates a backdrop as unique and captivating as the services Selecpac USA offers.