The Client

Illinois Vaccinates Against COVID, or I-VAC, is a physician-led outreach organization dedicated to supporting healthcare providers in integrating COVID-19 vaccine administration into their routine patient care workflows in primary care settings, hospital urgent care centers, and upon hospital discharge. The goal of I-VAC is to ensure Illinoisans are being immunized at every opportunity and that providers are prepared to immunize all eligible age groups. I-VAC is co-administered by the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP), ECHO-Chicago, and the IAFP.

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Ivac Branding Therequest
Ivac Branding Therequest Icons

The Request

ICAAP reached out to our team to help develop a refreshing, welcoming brand for their outreach program, I-VAC. They wanted to generate excitement and drive enrollment in their COVID-19 vaccine boot camps and learning collaboratives to help healthcare providers throughout Illinois learn best practices for implementing vaccine administration in their own clinics.

The Strategy

While I-VAC was developed by physicians, for physicians, it was important to create a branding story that resonated with the general public as well. Given the diversity of opinion surrounding COVID-19 vaccination, we wanted to approach the topic with nuance and optimism.

We started by creating a strong color palette that feels both dependable and forward thinking. With colors like Honeycomb, Jade, and Orchid Fuscia, this palette effortlessly blends confidence with an inviting feel to create a welcoming experience for onlookers.

Next, we worked with the I-VAC team to identify imagery that both represent the COVID-19 vaccination process and the well being of Illinoisans. Through a series of learning and design sessions, we developed a mark that pairs the outline of Illinois with the friendly image of a band aid and the name of their organization. The final logo is both professional and approachable, helping to bridge the gap between physicians and the general public, while offering legitimacy to the outreach organization.

Ivac Branding Thestrategy
The Outcome

The Outcome

The brand story for I-VAC became the design foundation for their outreach collateral and their website, IllinoisVaccinates.com. The signature mark is now a mainstay for physicians throughout Illinois and received a Gold Communicator Award for Logos from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts in 2022.