WIAAP HPV Campaign

The Client

The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (WIAAP) is a professional organization for pediatricians throughout the state of Wisconsin. As part of their mission to provide support and education, they created an opportunity for continuing education credits for both members and non-members of the chapter. Rooted in quality improvement, this initiative was designed to help pediatricians enhance their HPV vaccination practices.


The Request

WIAAP wanted to create a unique, eye-catching mailer to send to potential participants explaining the benefits of the new program. The mailer needed to include a detailed schedule of the six-month program along with facts about the negative effects of HPV to draw attention and drive the recipients to sign up. To prepare for the project, the Ocreative team read through the Chapter’s supporting materials regarding continuing education requirements and HPV statistics to better understand how to build the content and write the copy.

The Strategy

Ocreative designed a custom telescoping mailer piece that featured four separate pages to accommodate all of the necessary information. The outside envelope featured a large call out regarding free continuing education credits to encourage potential participants to look further. A large, featured image and custom copy helped to draw recipients in, while a clear call to action at the bottom provided details on how to sign up. A half-circle cut out on the side guided recipients to pull the inside piece out for more information. The custom-cut insert featured a latch that would prevent recipients from pulling the insert out all the way, ensuring that both pieces would stay together. The insert featured a detailed schedule, more benefits about the program, and important, required legalese.


To strengthen the initiative, we also developed a digital media kit for administrators in all six states to use to help their marketing efforts for the QI project. The kit included social media graphics with corresponding post copy; custom media copy in 50, 100, and 250-word lengths for use in newsletters, media interviews, and website copy; a promotional poster; FAQ; testimonials; and curated fast facts on HPV.

The Outcome

The Executive Director of WIAAP followed up with us, after the mailer went out, to tell us the project not only exceeded expectations, it actually brought in over 150 registrations, which was well over double their goal number. The project was so successful that it was expanded to the entire Midwest. We worked with WIAAP to update the mailer a second time, in order to send it to six additional states. Ocreative managed all of the printing, set-up, and execution with our printer and orchestrated the mailing services.