The Client

The International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) is working to build awareness and drive international response to the violent crisis in Nigeria. ICON is a consortium of Nigerians and other nationalities who have combined efforts to engage the Washington D.C. policy arena to promote religious freedom, human dignity, the right to live, and protection of the vulnerable against ethnic and religious persecution in Nigeria.


The Request

Formed in 2017, ICON sought to partner with like-minded legislators, advocates, individuals, and organizations that desire a prosperous Nigeria and for Nigerians to flourish. ICON is actively working to build on these flagship actions and activities to continue to produce results. As a nonprofit organization, ICON relies on individual, group, and corporate funding to enact its mission and drive real change. The team at ICON wanted to provide their donors with a clear, transparent, and captivating document that outlined their work, how they allocated funding, and what their outcomes were. We worked together to develop and publish their first-ever annual report.

The Strategy

Because ICON was a newer organization, it was important to highlight their contributions and key milestones and to build awareness about their mission and goals. The Ocreative team worked with ICON leadership to gather and analyze statistics, develop meaningful and clear descriptions, find thoughtful and honest imagery, develop a timeline of key milestones, and compile real-life anecdotes to create a compelling narrative that was true to ICON and all they accomplished in 2017 – 2018.

Icon Annual Report Cover
Icon Annual Report Spread

The Outcome

The final 8-page publication is a beautifully designed print and digital piece that truly embodies the heart of ICON. Ocreative developed custom graphics to help illustrate donorship and fiscal spending and paired them with custom icons to highlight key milestones. The narrative drives awareness for the organization, informs readers of the crisis in Nigeria, defines ICON, and clearly demonstrates the incredible impact this organization has had in the struggle to bring peace to the Nigerian people.

The ICON team shares this document freely on their website and uses it to help drive new and reoccurring donations.

ICON’s 2018 Annual Report was recognized by the AVIA Communicator Awards in 2020 and was honored with a Gold Award of Excellence in the not-for-profit corporate communications category.

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