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The International Committee on Nigeria, also known as ICON, is a multi-stakeholder nonprofit / NGO working to secure a future for all Nigerians, where rule-of-law, justice, religious freedom and constitutional rights are secured for all Nigerians, regardless of religion, tribe, or location. Their team connects diverse actors, civic and government leaders, with Western counterparts to partner on behalf of their vision for a diverse, inclusive and prosperous Nigeria.


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Formed in 2017, ICON sought to partner with like-minded legislators, advocates, individuals, and organizations that desire a prosperous Nigeria and for Nigerians to flourish. ICON is actively working to build on these flagship actions and activities to continue to produce results. As a nonprofit organization, ICON relies on individual, group, and corporate funding to enact its mission and drive real change. Each year, to provide clear and transparent data on their financial stewardship, the ICON team works with Ocreative to develop an annual report that outlines their work, how they allocate funding, and what their outcomes were for the year prior. We worked together to develop and publish their third annual report for donors and stakeholders.


After their initial period of development, ICON was ready to share their outcomes in a meaningful way and relate them back to their original mission and purpose. The Ocreative team worked with ICON leadership to gather and analyze statistics, write impactful and clear descriptions of their work, find thoughtful and honest imagery to depict the conditions in Nigeria, find new ways to visually share information on their congressional advocacy, and compile an outcomes-based timeline to show their progress from 2019 to 2020.

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The final 24-page publication is a beautifully designed print and digital piece that defines the passion, progress, and dedication of the ICON team for a peaceful Nigeria. Our design team developed custom graphics to illustrate the direct impact of donorship on the people of Nigeria. We created custom icons and an engaging map of Nigeria to highlight key milestones and impact throughout the region. The narrative drives awareness for the organization’s progress, informs readers of ICON’s mission and purpose, and clearly demonstrates the impact ICON continues to make in the struggle to bring peace to the Nigerian people.

The ICON team shares this document freely on their website and uses it to help drive new and reoccurring donations.

ICON’s 2019-2020 Annual Report was recognized by the DAVEY Awards in 2021 and was honored with a Gold Award for Annual Report for Design & Printed Collateral.

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Ocreative has been our trusted partner for over 4 years! They are more than competent to deliver whatever you ask because they have attention to the details, listen to our needs and wishes. Our ‘brand’ has been enhanced and expanded because of their efforts.